Crew members Service服务海员

Serve crew members 服务海员

Welcome to Long Beach, No matter which country you come from , and what position on the ship and what age you are,we wish to do our best to serve you when you go ashore in Long Beach,

We know you work hard on the ship and have a long journey over the sea , now  you go ashore, your time is not that long enough or relatively shorter compared to that in the sea, and you really need more time to taste different cultural elements, do some shopping, go sightseeing, or refresh yourself , and  find something you really need , we wish to do all we can to assist you in an efficient and safe manner.

Just call 626-941-4518  or 800-909-2838 (or dial 001+626-941-4518 if  you use your home country phone No )to let us know how we can assist you,

Sometimes , Some crew members want to buy particular items such as Ipad 16 g in WHITE color, an examination preparation book for American Registered nurse, OR a G-Shock watch Model No. xxxxx  or a  diesel brand jeans  or  some want to go a place of interests to enjoy themselves, whatever you want, we will assist you. your need is our service.

We are local and serve crew members only.

 Carnival Splendor  comes back to Long Beach  every Sunday Morning, it  takes you  on a 7 days trip. Book a trip here  


we did not find  ipad in white color at Apple Store, but we did find friendly customer service there 

Yes , We finally find Ipad 16G White Color at Target Store in Culver City.

Stop by at  Staples Center.

Queen Mary -many cruise members have no chance to see it, even their ships are close to it.

On Board a container ship chartered by China Shipping at the port of Los Angles 登上中国海运(集团)总公司租借的集装箱货轮 (洛杉矶港)

Captain and Me 和船长在一起

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Mid-night break at local  subway,   On the way back  to ...